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About Us

We are a small family oriented hunting kennel, located in central Michigan. My wife Christine, daughter Kendra, and son Andrew are all involved in the care, raising, training, and socialization of our Llewellins. I feel I’ve been blessed with the family I have been given. They all have a love for animals, and when caring for multiple litters of puppies, as well as the adult dogs, all of their help is greatly needed and appreciated. Christine and Kendra are the puppy masters, taking puppy spoiling to a whole new level! Andy loves all the Llewellins in our kennel, they all know they have a friend in him. Everyone knows life is busy. At this time, Kendra is a senior in college, Andrew just graduated high school, they are both busy making their future plans. I’m working a job and running two businesses. Christine works a part time job, and still manages to be the glue that helps to hold things together. Yep, simply put, my dogs and I have a great team!

About Our Dogs

When it comes to hunting, it is a life long passion of mine. I grew up hunting the woods around our house as well as on my grandparents farm. Being a hunter from Michigan, I of course enjoy deer hunting. I really love bird hunting of any kind. But, grouse and woodcock hunting is where it’s at for me. Anyone who has spent fall days in the grouse woods of northern Michigan knows exactly what I mean. What I look for in a dog is one that shares the same passion. I’m not interested in any dog that is just doing “a job”, I want a dog that is having as much fun as I am, excited to be hunting. All of our dogs have to show that enjoyment and passion for birds and bird hunting. They also have to have lots of natural ability for pointing, retrieving, and backing.  Our dogs are not “big runners” or “field trial types”. We breed for a dog that is an excellent all day, foot hunting companion. Dogs that are loaded with natural ability and do not require a small fortune in training. The want to be a member of the family,not just a hunting dog. They train easily because they live to make you happy.