- Daybreak Llewellins -

Excellence on all points.

Welcome to Daybreak Llewellins, home of some of the finest hunting companion Llewellin Setters available. We are dedicated to breeding, raising, and training Llewellin Setters that are loving, loyal family pets, as well as outstanding bird dogs in the field and woods. Our dogs provide “Excellence On All Points”!

We believe the Llewellin Setter to be the breed of choice for the serious upland hunter. They are easy to train and handle, with lots of natural pointing, retrieving, and honoring ability. One of the most impressive traits of the Llewellin is how much they want to please people. Soft and easy approaches to training are all that are usually needed. Theses traits make them an excellent hunting family companion dog. They want to be with you all the time, laying at your feet, or on the couch, if allowed. Then, come hunting season, they are all day, tireless, bird finding hunters.

We currently raise three litters of puppies per year. Please visit our puppy page for all the details on available pups and planned future breeding. We also have started dogs available occasionally. All information will be on the started dog page. The our dogs page showcases each of our breeding dogs, with their pedigree.

Kevin Rahn Owner, breeder, and trainer at Daybreak Llewellins